A job as an American Solider

 A Career as an American Solider Essay

In the early years of our lives determining weather to become a fire jet fighter or officer was a fairly simple decision. As a body ages, our former simple decision becomes harder as we learn about all the interesting career fields. Some of the various factors that influence each of our decision will be stability, salary, and rewards. Today's Soldiers enjoy several of these ever growing elements. A career while an American Solider is better than a profession in the civilian job market due to education, wellness, and schooling benefits. The opportunities for the Soldier to keep their army or civilian education is only limited by their very own desire to learn. All limbs of the United States military have expenses assistance, which offers financial assistance for education programs. College tuition assistance will cover up to $4500 a year, and Soldiers are certainly not required to pay tuition assistance back until a course is failed. The Montgomery GI Bill is the centerpiece of armed service education benefits. Active duty Soldiers and experienced can get a monthly benefit that is respected at much more than $37, 000. This duty free gain can be used to get tuition, ebooks, fees, and living expenses while obtaining a great undergraduate or graduate level. In addition to helping account studies at traditional schools, the GI Bill can be used to pay for 3rd party study applications, licensing, certification, and apprenticeship. Only a choose few professions in the civilian job market give these kinds of education benefits. If perhaps pursuing the education is usually not a factor for your vocation, the armed service also offers substantive health and dental care benefits that most civilian jobs lack. Some civilian careers offer health advantages for a reduced rate, but these are difficult to find and often entail climbing the organization ladder. Because an American services member complete dental and health benefits will be received your day they leave for Fundamental Training. Aside from the Soldier getting these rewards, the army...

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