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Mentor Paul Dr . Oscar 1911 was the yr NIVEA CRÈME was born. In fact , NIVEA CRÈME required the job of three resourceful guys: Dr . Oscar, Dr . Isaac and Prof. Paul, not just one for its development. Dr . Oscar experienced acquired Beiersdorf in Venedig des nordens (umgangssprachlich) from its founder Carl Beiersdorf in 1890. After a lots of research, they developed the first stable grease and moisture cream in the world – NIVEA CRÈME. It comprised: 1 . Vulnerable oils

2 . Water

several. Glycerine

some. A little citric acid

five. Oil of rose

6. Lily of the valley to give that a fine scent.

Dr . Oscar called his crème NIVEA, meaning snow white because of its color. Shortly after the invention the crème was sold in yellowish tin. 1920: As early as the Twenties, the NIVEA brand was associated with youth, freshness and amusement in the sun and in nature. That they made their particular advertisements and lively by making use of young, desirable and match women sun tanning herself in the sun. 1930: In 1930, the NIVEA range was broadened with the addition of NIVEA OIL. Your skin oil was usually utilized by sportspeople and for massage. In their advertisements too they used masculine style athlete which usually bought regarding an appeal and youngsters image for the consumers. The NIVEA product range got expanded substantially – hairdressers, as well as pharmacists and chemists had right now been delivered since the mid-twenties. Between 1929 and 1931, NIVEA launched solid brilliantine, shaving cream, shaving detergent, facial toner, hair essential oil and for the very first time – NIVEA SHAMPOO. 1940: In the early on 1940's, NIVEA launched the NIVEA MILK. The dual benefits of NIVEA milk which were highlighted and made clear had been cleansing skin and cosmetic massage. 1950: The 50's was not genuinely an easy time. The rebuilding of Germany, the cold battle, demonstration resistant to the atom bomb, the have difficulties for career and diligence were part and parcel of reality. In this time, NIVEA made a cartel of two very optimistic couple, looking full of assurance, towards a happy future. 60: NIVEA's advertising and marketing themes from the 60's particularly reflect the developments of a trend typically booming now – the travel phenomenon. Growing abundance made it feasible for increasing number of individuals to travel. The famous NIVEA ball plays the real key role of a sport and leisure tool as it guarantees good feelings. At the end of 60's, there have been a number of modifications in our market and trade composition. A number of fiscally strong corporations brought out fresh brands of cream and differentiated skincare varies. Therefore , NIVEA started revenue in supermarket with a great deal of promotional support. They started challenging advertising campaign to show the supremacy of NIVEA and still have a powerful impact on consumers. 70: The successful advertising campaign in the 70's experienced provided Beiersdorf with the essential basis essential extending the NIVEA brand into a fresh market with new products. A huge scale image research study completed for Europe in seventies showed that NIVEA liked a high level of trust and was deemed an honest model of high quality. This system range was extended and divided into this ranges: •SKINCARE.


1980: The product range of NIVEA was expanded further about in the 1980's where the new products introduced simply by them incorporate the following goods: •NIVEA WAXING CARE.

As soon as 1980, NIVEA AFTER-SHAVE BALM was developed as an following shave development which not anymore irritated the skin after saving, but even relaxed that. NIVEA Product was the 1st balm never to contain aggravating alcohol. In year 1986, Beiersdorf presented the NIVEA shaving rang in fresh packaging and under the name NIVEA FOR MEN the first time. •NIVEA CLEANING SOAP / SHOWER ROOM / SHOWER PRODUCTS.

NIVEA CRÈME BATHROOM SHOWER GEL and DETERGENT in 1980 emphasized the gentle treatment and top quality...


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